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CXO Breakfast Talk – How would you plan for your business 2010?

September 1, 2009

How would you plan for your business 2010?
Business as usual is not sustainable.

Where: Spice Sutra Restaurant & Cafe – 200 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Imperial Court #01-03 (next to the Thomson Community Club and opposite the Long House Hawkers’ Centre)

When: Tue, 1 Sep 09 – 9am to 11am – Breakfast start at 8.30am

This new series of ASB executive breakfast talk is for all individuals who have the capability to make a significant contribution to the current and future performance of the company. Also for all Business Owners & Self-employed people that are building their business

Four key-speakers will charge you up with a peep to your future.

1. From Normal to NEW Normal – Will it be different? How so and why. What can I do to protect my business? By Rajan Ramchandani
2. Meeting the Challenge of Mastering the New Normal – How to Overcome stress and lack of clarity while cultivating innovation and new ideas. By Dr. Derrick Siu
3. Ways to forge a friendship with Media/Press – Dealing with personal interests, informal lunches, quality of a story, reporters, controversy, volunteering, and staying connected in Social Media. By Andrew Chow
4. Sustainability of the internet companies – Threatened by business and reputational risks on the issues of human rights, online freedom of expression and privacy. By Rajesh Chhabara

Rajan Ramchandani started his career in the financial service industry as a Financial Consultant in Dubai (UAE) in the mid 70’s and soon climbed the corporate ladder to Vice President and Portfolio Manager. Rajan is now based in Singapore and is actively involved in training, coaching, mentoring and managing money in the U.S. stock and forex markets using a tried and tested system he calls AIM. He is a published author (Spend & Grow Rich), an actor, a businessman and a speaker/trainer sharing his experience about Investments and the Power Of The Mind.

Dr. Derrick Siu has spent the last decade on a journey of discovery. After graduating from medicine and working as a Doctor, he began to explore the creative arts and human potential. He became obsessed with personal and spiritual development and created and delivered a number of self-help programs as well as working in HR delivering 360 Feedback with national companies in Australia. More recently he has also worked as an actor and presenter in the entertainment industry appearing in award winning tv series, documentaries and corporate videos.

Andrew Chow is a certified Life Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker/Author and Modern Match Maker. He has a nickname given to him by his peers as IdeasAndrew, a name he assume on many social media platforms. He has several accolades including Top South East Asia Distributor Award in 2004, Most Innovative Marketing Initiative Awards (Finalist) in SBEA 2007, and Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2008.

Rajesh Chhabara, director of CSRWorks International, is a corporate responsibility expert with over 17 years of experience in private and non-profit sectors. He advises organizations in developing corporate responsibility, sustainability, and climate change and emission reduction strategies. He has authored a globally acclaimed book ‘Social Accountability’, the first of its kind handbook for the global retail supply-chain. His forthcoming book is titled ‘Corporate Responsibility for Competitive Advantage.’

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