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A Business that first started off as a Mailing List

July 20, 2010

Many HR practitioners would have heard of HRSingapore, few knew how it was started. The Founder, Mr Haridas Ramadas started off by sharing vital information and updates on HR trends in Singapore to previous participants of his training courses.  The spirit of sharing which is vital in social media was all along in Haridas way before social media was even invented.

Subsequently, HRSingapore Forum, HRLAW and HR21 newsletter were also started. By 2002, it added a low fee-based subscription plan to provide more value added services.

HRSingapore’s mission is to become a knowledge centre for anyone interested in Human Resource and Workplace communication practices in Singapore.

It’s active membership base has reached 4000, and the range of courses available now covers beyond the scope of Human Resources.

I am blessed to have met the Founder today thanks to my friend Mr Anthony Peck, who is the General Manager of the company.

Exciting alliances are under way between our companies, bringing the knowledge of social media application and implementation to many PMETs.

Though he uses an iphone and I carry a Blackberry, we can still chat via Whatsapp! …… say bye to SMS.

Check out –

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