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Andrew Chow is  a certified Life Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker/Author and Modern Match Maker. He has a nickname given to him by his peers as IdeasAndrew, a name he assume on many social media platforms.

He has several accolades including Top South East Asia Distrbutor Award in 2004, Most Innovative Marketing Initiative Awards (Finalist) in SBEA 2007, Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2008, and Successful Entrepreneur Award in 2010

The last 20 years have given Andrew numerous opportunities to create new business models, forging strategic alliances and execute Brand or Re-branding Management. Now Andrew’s passion is to Coach and Mentor other students of Life.

Andrew had more than 125 interviews and features about him and his business since 2005. During the same period, numerous valuable experiences are drawn from managing the press and media (Channel News Asia, Razor TV, Channel U, News 8, 938Live, Business Times, Zao Bao, Berita Harian, Today, The New Paper, My Paper, STOMP, FEMALE, HER WORLD, PEAK, SHAPE, Lifestyle, U Weekly, etc).

Andrew created several social networking portals in Singapore with over 10,000 profiles.

This blog shares many of his insights about Life, Business, Personal Branding & Publicity

Andrew, the Serial Entrepreneur

“Success to me is always a moving target. I am energized by the journey and not the destination. I envision a destination and how to get there. By the time I get there, I would  be thinking of the next destination in terms of business”

Andrew, the Match Maker

“I do not think anyone is too old to look for love. As long as you believe there is someone out there for you, you should never stop looking. That special someone is also looking for you”

Andrew, the Business Coach

“Your Revelation  shapes Your Vision.  Your Passion drives your Action.  Your Attitude determines your Altitude.”

On Smart Publicity (PR 2.0)

“In Mass Media, they set the rules, the news makers decide the stake. In New Media, you set the rules, the customers decide their take.  The smart fusion of these two will create Smart Publicity ”

On Strategic Alliance

“He should also be respected by other businessmen to be someone who can forge strategic alliance even among friendly competitors. He must be someone who can balance everyone’s objectives and still be able to steer the alliance to the right direction and result in a win-win situation.

On Personal Branding

“If your life is a beautiful story, will you be the one writing it, or just a ordinary cast with a given script.  If your name is like a scent, will everyone else love it or run away? If your specialty is out of this world, will you still re-invent it?. With power personal branding, you rewrite the rules, and the rest emulate you”


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